Martin Keller, la obsesión por ‘Ninja Skills sit’ 8C/+

Martin Keller se hizo con la primera ascensión de Ninja Skills sit 8C/+, en Sobrio (Suiza), a principios de marzo. El encadenamiento llegó después de tres intensos años probando el problema. Más de 150 sesiones, en pleno invierno a -6ºC, en verano a 25ºC, interminables sesiones nocturnas de hasta 12 horas, …

Ninja Skills sit es la versión de entrada sentado del original Ninja Skills 8B+. El problema se convirtió en una auténtica obsesión para Keller, convirtiendo el bloque y el lugar donde se encuentra incluso en un puto de reunión para sus amigos. Sabían que allí encontrarían a Martin probando los pasos y lo acompañaban en sus maratonianas sesiones, muchas de ellas nocturnas.

El vídeo que compartimos documenta el proceso de Martin Keller hasta conseguir la primera ascensión de Ninja Skills sit. Si quieres, puedes.

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bit late; but „real-life“ came first 😉 nevertheless still super happy to finally do the FIRST ASCENT off the „SIT-DOWN-START to NINJA-SKILLS, 8C/8C+“ – the best and hardest boulder i ever climbed on!!! . after more then three years off effort, over 150 sessions, climbing at minus six degrees celius and in 50cm of snow to epic all-night-12hrs sessions in up to 25C in july and falling twice at the very last harder move to the lip (after 10hrs!!! into the session) in july – i finally was able to keep it together and send the SDS to this legendary @nalle_hukkataival boulder !!! . . the send did happen just one week after doing „STORY OF TWO WORLDS (low-start), 8C“ – my best week of climbing for sure!!! and the best was that (as on the send of „story“) my girl @cat__ballou (she joined and supported me on so many epic sessions down there!) and my good friend giani (@gianiclimbs) have been down there with me for the send! they shuffled pads and gave me that little bit off extra motivation and power to keep going when i started to numb out on the top out! thanx so much!!! wouldn’t have had been possible without these two 🙌🏼!!! . and again it was this experience to turn the impossible into possible! dream big – work hard – enjoy the process – learn (fail) – and (eventually) send – wherever in life you are 🤟👊 ———————— . —> for the people interested in the full story and more details visit my blog (link in bio) . . -picture1; sticking the second cruxmove on the send – video-still from the ascent . -picture2; what an awsome line!!! and jup; its quite steep!!! great pic by my friend; @hanneskutza . . -picture/movie3; failing (=getting better) is the way to sucess!!! . . -picture4; dolce fa niente… 😉 . -picture 5; check the full @puzzleglass movie of the journey (includes the uncut ascent!!!) @moonclimbing -> 8pm swizzy-time!!! . -picture 6; after the send; so happy to have had my lady @cat__ballou down there when it finally happend! we had so many epic days and nights down there. so thankful for her supportreally appreciated big time 🤟🙌🏼! and check out the highballs she cleaned on the back! really nice 👍👌! . ———————-

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