Inicio Reportajes Los 10 mejores “best nine” de escalada en Instagram en 2017

Los 10 mejores “best nine” de escalada en Instagram en 2017

Best nine 2017 Louder Than 11 Instagram
"Best nine" de Louder Than Eleven en 2017 Foto / Louder Than 11

La escalada es uno de los deportes con más presencia en la red social de fotografías Instagram. Miles de usuarios comparten cada día sus actividades en la roca a través de esta aplicación.

En los últimos años hay una foto en Instagram que se ha convertido en clásica. Bien, realmente no es una foto, sino la composición de las nueve mejores imágenes del año -“best nine”- según los “me gusta” de los seguidores.

Hemos realizado una recopilación de los que desde nuestro punto de vista son los mejores “best nine” de escalada de Instagram en 2017.

Chris Sharma@chris_sharma

Ofer Blutrich@oferblutrich

Funnuy #best9 sum up a full year of adventure. 2017 started with my vagabond time. Living out of my Skoda, slepping here and there. With friend or outdoors. A climbing accident in Oliana, February put me down for two months then I came back to climbing in May and regained my strengths by August. 2017 was a year of friendships, metting a lot of new people making a lot of new friends. Bolting new lines was a big part of the year and eventually I also found my base camp. Finding home at August, partnering with @boulderhaifa, and then making #climbfree project with @adam.ondra opening the first Israeli 9a. And in Nov-Dec Keep building my new base camp and a physical therapy clinic at Haifa, speeding the ideas of the #climbingpills and keep raising the awerness for sport climbing in Israel at global levels. Thank you so my friends and sponsors who supported me troughout the year it was a rough ride but I made it to the other side with a lot of things accomplished and with personal growth. I wish you all happy New Year, welcome 2018 @blackdiamond @pavelblazek @yuvalsamet @yaelsamet @mytendon @borealoutdoor

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Stefano Ghisolfi@steghiso

2017 has been an incredible year for me, and I wanted to share with you the best routes I've done and why they were so important for me. (They are not in chronological order). • 1. La Rambla (9a+), I unexpectedly sent it at my fourth go, surprising myself 2. First ley (9a+) I worked for a week in 2015 and then came back this year and did it pretty fast, and I was ready for the next step 3.One Slap (9b) my third of the grade and second of 2017 4. Definicciò de Resistencia Democrata (9a) sent it on January 1st 2017 5. This is not a route, but maybe the most important step in our life, our house in Arco! 6. One Punch (9a+), First Ascent of a super hard 9a+ 7. First Round First Minute (9b) fantastic route sent at the end of a fantastic trip 8. Meconi (8a) not a hard route, but one of the most beautiful on Earth 9. Omen Nomen (9a) First Ascent, I graded it 8c+ but then it was upgraded to 9a, beautiful.

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Colette McInerney@etteloc

Home Climbing Inspiration@homeclimbinggyms

Slovenia Climbing@sloveniaclimbing

We wish you all the best in 2018! . #Slovenia #climbing #team

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Dark Sky Media @darkskymedia

Laura Rogora@laura.rogora

Sean McColl@mccollsean

2017 had its ups and downs for me, I’m a strong believer that we make our own success and everything happens for a reason. I’ve had lots of changes in the past year of my life, my climbing continues to evolve as does my body, my wisdom and mind. 2017 started with my 10th and 11th National Championships victories, it then took a massive nosedive with my bouldering season which was the worst of my career. I rallied back for the lead season and got a medal at the World Games 🥉 and another at the French World Cup 🥈 ~ I thought things were starting to climb back up and then I had a finger injury. Maybe it could’ve been avoided as it was at a bouldering competition but then again injuries always happen for a reason. I dealt with it appropriately and I feel more motivated than ever. There is always a thread of anxiety and the fear of hurting it again but that’s just the conditioning of my mind. As my Olympic journey continues, injuries are just a part of the process and it’s how we deal with them that determines our path. Climbing, training and pushing myself are such an integrated part of my life but at the same time something I love to do💭 ~ My close friends are also immensely important to me. Having a crew of people to help reflect who are exterior to climbing but not to sport is something I am very fortunate to have. Having a team at my side throughout the year supporting me is also something that is new but immensely important as well. I got to meet some amazing people this year and stay in places for extended periods of time; I also rediscovered my love for a few different things. I’m excited about 2018 and really excited to see what happens. Lastly, thank you to all my fans who I really see as my friends cheering me through the power of social media and live streaming. I love reading all your comments, messages and words of encouragement. I try to be entertaining and I love leaving Easter eggs here and there in my posts. Thanks for being a part of all my journeys! 🙏🏼 ~ Always end something with a quote so the one I chose was this: “Support your passion until your passion can support you”. I live by this. Wishing everyone a great 2018!

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Louder Than 11 @louderthan11